• Humormind founded in 2010, registered in HongKong, is a China-based supplier of non-food products for hotels and restaurants, household kitchenware and bathroom products ,holiday goods, home cleaning products, safety products etc. We also do sourcing service for our customers from China.

    Base on our long term experience, professionalism and integrity. we have built direct relationship with lots of different scale factories. rely on integrated and efficient supply chain system in these areas and our knowledge, with scientific management, we bring our clients high quality products and services at a low cost.

  • Humormind Design links the Chinese culture and Western design trends, focus on the definition of the brand essence, graphic design, product design, packaging design, shop/interior design, etc, which covers all visual aspects of a brand expression.

    Our clients' brand strategy is the core of every project.

Why us

We only use qualified manufacturers,  guarantee products quality and delivery on time.  We provide efficient communication with customers, supply a competitive price. feed back the requirements quickly to make sure to support our customers well.
We focus on the safty and enviroment friendly goods, and good at the material analyasis, we not do everything, but deal the items that we can handle well.

  •  iron organizer
    iron organizer
  • Bamboo skewers
    Bamboo skewers
  • bamboo skewers
    bamboo skewers
  • beer glass cup juice cup
    beer glass cup juice cup
  • Berry& cone white garland
    Berry& cone white garland
  • Ceramic baking tray and bowl set
    Ceramic baking tray and bowl set
  • Christmas wreath
    Christmas wreath
  • CPE overshoe
    CPE overshoe
  • Disposable PS plate
    Disposable PS plate
  • Ear plugs
    Ear plugs
  • electrical kettle
    electrical kettle
  • EU/US stype GN pan
    EU/US stype GN pan
  • Ganvalnised steel pot scourer
    Ganvalnised steel pot scourer
  • Green Christmas tree 10ft
    Green Christmas tree 10ft
  • Hair dryer
    Hair dryer
  • Hair Dryer
    Hair Dryer
  • Heated tower rail
    Heated tower rail
  • Hotel safe
    Hotel safe
  • Hungry Horse Menu & Salt & Pepper Holder
    Hungry Horse Menu & Salt & Pepper Holder
  • Ice bucket
    Ice bucket